Horse Carriages

Original Norfolk Cart ref (798203)


Original Norfolk Cart in good but not show condition. Last used with 14.1 hh Welsh Cob but could be adjusted for larger pony/horse. Seat adjusts for wheel balance. 54" wheels. It has fixed hooks and a swingle tree. The back can be lowered (would have been used to take items to and from market). Rubber matting in floor. Good condition black cushion. Brackets for lamps. Brass hubs.
Width between shafts at tug stops = 24.5"
Length from swingle tree to tug stop = 54.5" (from swingle tree hook to tug stop 52.5")
From swingle tree to tip of shafts 69" (from swingle tree hook to tip 67")
Height to ground from tug stop approx 38". (Suffolk)

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