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From 1st June 2021 - All adverts placed on the website will cost £25 per advert, initially the advert will be placed on the website for 3 months & reviewed at this time if not sold. All sale proceeds are kept by the seller.

* We shall acknowledge receipt of your advert (please advise if you have not heard from us within 48 hours)

* Your advert will be checked and published by Carriage Link

* We ask you to keep in touch with Carriage Link and advise us when sold or of any change re price, wording etc.

* All national advertising is paid by Carriage Link. Adverts will also be put on Social Media to maximise the opportunity for sale of the item.

* Advert fee is non refundable, even if the item is sold within 24 hours of the advert going live on the website.

** Fee Payable for all adverts is £25 paid via PayPal (
*Costs (adverts placed prior to Jan 2021) payable to Carriage Link on a successful sale created by us. Please see terms and conditions as below:

Our Terms and Conditions are:

* I confirm that to the best of my knowledge the information that I have supplied is a correct & true description of my item.

* I give my permission for this information to be forwarded to genuine potential purchasers, who will then contact me.

* I agree that on completion of a sale to a client introduced by 'Carriage Link' I will advise them within 7 days and forward a remittance of 10% of the first £3k and thereafter 5% of the remaining sale price within 14 days. Also if any other item/s are sold during a sale transaction from a Carriage link lead then 5% of the sale price is payable to Carriage Link.

* However I understand that if Carriage Link sell my item to one of their listed wanted clients within one month then 5% only of the sale price is required, again within 14 days of the sale.

If you have any questions about placing an advert please either ring Joanne (07472 448765) or send an email to

Joanne Parrett
May 2021