Q: How does Carriage Link work?
A: It is simple and very fair. We only charge a percentage when sold through our introductory service. To place your advertisement on our website, go to 'Place an Advert' and then 'Select a Category'. Remember to include at least one good photo, ideally no larger than 200KB. We will check this and then publish it on our site. Our commission rate is 10% of the first £3,000 and thereafter 5% of the remaining sale price. However, if we sell to a Carriagelink listed 'wanted' client within one month, then 5% only of the sale price is required. Interested buyers will contact us asking for your details and more information which we will provide, only if we are happy that this is a genuine enquiry, as we do not wish to give contact details to timewasters. You then make arrangements for the potential buyer to view and negotiate the sale. Once the sale is complete, Carriagelink will then invoice you accordingly.

Q: Why is Carriagelink different to other sales sites?
A: We like to only sell quality, we actually refuse many items that we believe will not sell. Our office is manned on a full time basis by a member of our team. We work daily at finding buyers and helping buyers to make the right choice. We are expert at offering the right advice to both buyers and sellers, and finding the the right home for your horse or pony.

Q: Can Carriagelink help with the valuation of my items for sale?
A: We are very experienced and qualified to do just this! Ideally by letting us have all your sales information and photographs we will advise you of the right price to enhance a sale.

Q: What happens if I sell privately and not through Carriagelink?
A: Simply notify us as we will need to adjust the website. However, we will have a record of all enquiries that have been made and are able to let the potential buyers know when your item is sold.

Q: How much do you charge for running a 'Wanted' advert?
A: Nothing this is an entirely free service, your advert will run until you advise us that you are suited.

Q: How do I purchase harness on Carriagelink?
A: When you have found what you are looking for through our large selection of harness for sale, please contact us to obtain the telephone number/email of the vendor. They will be able to give you more information regarding sizing etc. If it sounds like it will suit your needs, then simply send a cheque made payable to the vendor, whose details we will have provided you with, but post it to 'Carriagelink' (please email for our full postal address) i.e sales@carriagelink.com We will hold your cheque as security. On receipt of this the vendor will send the harness to you at their expense. You are then able to try it on and approve it. If it is OK then let us know and we will send your cheque to the vendor. If it is not, then you pay to post it back to the vendor (remember to insure it) using www.senditnow.com or your local post office, on safe receipt by the vendor we then return your cheque. This is a brilliant system and has worked very well over the past 15 years, on a daily basis.

Q: Why is it neccesary to send a photograph with my advert?
A: A photograph speaks a thousand words and the quality of such is the first thing that the potential buyer will notice. Without a photo we struggle to sell for you so please take the trouble to send us a suitable one in order to create a first class advertisement for you. Here are some tips:

Photo of Horse/Pony: Take from the correct angle with the right exposure, filling the frame of the camera and making sure that the horse/pony is doing himself justice i.e balanced with a good outline, clean and well groomed. Action photos are preferred. (Photos of horses grazing or looking over stable doors are not suitable for obvious reasons).

Photo of Carriage: Taken with a plain background ideally up against a blank wall. For a two wheel carriage get someone to hold the shafts so that the floor of the carriage is level. Wash and present in a pristine way. Show as much detail as possible and fill the frame of the camera.

Photo of Harness: Present clean and lay on a blanket or hang over harness/carriage stand. Fill the frame of the camera.

Please note: To protect your rights we shall endeavour to exclude your face from all photos.

Q: What happens when I respond to a wanted advert?
A: We require you to fill out a sales form with all the details of what you are selling complete with at least one photograph. We will then pass this information to all our 'wanted' clients. This information will also be published on our website. (However, if you have a particular wish to keep this from public knowledge then an arrangement can be made) If a sale is achieved to a 'wanted' client within the first month of advertising, then 5% of the sale price is payable to Carriagelink. If a sale is achieved after one month, then 10% is payable. Please note, the seller pays the commission not the person seeking to buy.

Q: Can I pay your commission with a credit card?
A: Yes, through the service of 'Pay Pal' this is a totally safe and secure way to pay.
Q: What period of time will my advert run?
A: Indefinitely, until you tell us otherwise. We will contact you on a monthly basis to confirm that your item is still for sale.

Q: Can I search for items on the Carriagelink website?
Certainly. You can search for:

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