Zilco GB Combi Single

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Excellent horse comfort and driver friendly handling qualities with minimal maintenance. Zilco GB is the professionals choice for competition.
* Converts easily from single to pair.
* Can be supplied in one size or a mixture of sizes ensuring a perfect fit
* Zilco sealed strapping gives the handling qualities of leather but easily cleaned and enormous strength
* Synthetic leather over padded core
* Unique Zilco Elastomeric flexible tree which will conform to the shape of most breeds and types whilst giving good spine clearance
* Stainless steel fittings with unique purpose designed buckles for strength and easy adjustment
* Quick release tugs/shaft loops for singles
* Quick release connection from breastplast to saddle for pairs and teams
* Quick release pole straps
* Supplied in standard sizes or a mixture of sizes and extra parts available for pair, team or tandem use. Pairs normally supplied complete with breechings but can be supplied without breeching and with bungee trace carriers instead
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