HRH Competition Carriage Driving


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This edition of "Competition Carriage Driving" has been completely revised and enlarged and will be welcomed by all who aspire to drive four horses in combined driving events. The book provides both encouragement and advice on the preparation of driver and horses and is written with wit and insight laced with sound common sense and many personal anecdotes. Much emphasis is placed on the preparation for the three phases of driving events and each is explained in great detail. The technicalities of specially developed cross-country carriages are examined at length and the different breeds of driving horse considered. Various styles of harness and driving are examined, and an excellent section deals with the problems of time keeping and navigation with the help of useful tables. Prince Philip draws attention to various practical methods of dealing with problem horses and some of the more commonplace difficulties which beset the driver. He uses his own wealth of driving experience to illustrate the dangers facing the unwary, and to examine the circumstances which can lead to the unexpected and sometimes serious incident. Many of the photographs in this book are taken by the author to illustrate the points made in the text. Written as a result of experience gained in the hard school of national and international combined driving events, "Competition Carriage Driving" traces the history of the sport and explains the rule which govern it. It will greatly assist the novice driver to become safe and proficient and will be of interest to anyone connected with the sport.