Small Pony Carriages

Show gig 9-10hh ref (725344)


Stick back gig in show condition. Please note the running gear i.e ironwork is all original, but the seat, shafts and wheels are fairly new. Painted black with gold lines, seen in the photo here with a 38" Shetland. For your information measurements as follows:

Wheels 31.25 " 92cm diameter.shafts 51" 103cm from tip to front of gig.27"68cm from front of gig to under d's.width 27" 68cm at front of gig 19.75" 50cm between D's 20.75" 52.5 cm at shaft tips.Back seat rail 49"124.5cm from ground.Axel 18.5"47cm from ground.1" 2.5cm block on axel between springs and axel.shafts 26.5" 76cm from floor when width 33" 84cm at front 35"89cm at rear.16" 41cm front to back rail.step 15.5" 39.5cm from floor .Step to shaft 11"28cm. Footwall 26.75" 68cm width between shafts,20.75" 52.5cm dashboard to seat.dashboard 7.5"19cm tall 20.25"51cm wide. (West Wales)

Carriage is still available for sale: Jan 2021