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12hh Ride/drive ref (699061)


12 hands Irish bred piebald gelding, 8 years. The owner cannot stress enough the kind, sweet temperament and nature of this pony. He is lovely to drive and stands quietly when asked. Good in the heaviest of traffic. He can be ridden by a novice child on or off the lead rein. Dougal is excellent to catch, loads and travels well in a lorry or trailer, good with the farrier. Will stand tied up to be groomed and any amount of pampering. Happy to live with mares and geldings. Very quiet and easy, very straightforward and genuine, no trouble at all. An ideal pony for all the family to enjoy. A very good home is absolutely essential. Videos available. Please note: As the owner does not have the facilities to show him in harness, she is very happy to offer him on a 14 day fully returnable trial once paid for. (Hereford)



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