Bennington Fun Bug : Wheel Chair ref (769841)


Bennington Fun Bug wheel chair carriage built 2015 and had little use. To suit single pony 12hh plus.
Wheel 15"
Shafts Length 61.5"
Shafts to D 39"
Shafts to front tugs 7"
Floor 37 ¾ wide
Length 31.3/4
Seat double height from floor 18" Length 17.5" Width 27"
Seat single height from floor 18" Length 17.5 Width 14"
Swingletree 22.5"
Height floor to bar top 44.5"
Steep from floor 12.5"
Whip holder, Swingle tree, Wheelchair clamp floor runners, Unwin four point wheelchair restraint Ramp, removable seats, Rear wheel driven and lockable, foot break, Parrot quick release fittings. Represents a great saving on today's new price. (Devon)