Bennington Wheel chair - 3 wheeler ref (769840)


Bennington Wheel Chair 3 wheel carriage to suit single pony 14hh plus.
Wheel 16" Back 15" Front Shafts 6ft Length
Shafts Base width apart 30.1/4 Shafts to D 25.5" To Tug stops 20.5"
Seat depth 17.5" Height from floor of cart 19"
Floor Width 15.5" Length 31.5"
Swingletree 25" Tow bar (hitch attachment in on roller)
Grease nipple on all 3 wheels
Removable seat, wheelchair ramp as rear of the cart, Wheel chair clamp floor runners, wheelchair restraint X2, Swingle tree, Parrot mouth tracer fittings. Open to a near offer. (Devon)